Why Muffin Tins?

Here are the top five reasons why you should rustle up dinner more often in a muffin tin.

Built-in Portion Control

It should come as no surprise that the burgeoning size of meal and snack portions being gobbled up by North Americans in the past couple decades has coincided with the number of people walking around with Buddha-bellies. In fact, a study conducted at Cornell University which reviewed seven editions of The Joy of Cooking looking for recipes published in each edition (printed in 1936, 1946, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1997, and 2006), found that the average calories per serving for recipes such as chicken gumbo, corn chowder and brownies increased for 17 of the 18 recipes analyzed since the 1936 edition. The researchers concluded this is due to a shift to larger serving sizes and higher-calorie ingredients in those recipes.

Preparing food in a muffin tray is a surefire way to scale back escalating portion sizes helping you control your calorie intake so you can stay on good terms with the scale.

Save Energy

Splitting up your favorite cake, bread or frittata recipe into a muffin tray can slash cooking time by up to half. Not only is this a big plus for the harried cook, this translates into big-time energy (and cash) savings.

Keep Your Cool

By keeping your oven turned on for a shorter amount of time, you can lower the heat wave in your kitchen during the summer.

Better Lunches

The small packages make for an easily packable lunch both for adults and tykes alike. You can bake up a batch of mini meatloaf’s on Sunday and instantly you have a weeks worth of calorie-controlled lunch mains that are sure to be the talk of the office. A Japanese style bento box is a perfect lunch container for your muffin tray creations.

Improved Taste

Smaller cooking portions are more likely to keep a dish deliciously moist by decreasing the risk of drying it out which can occur when items are baked in loaf pans.