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A selection of my articles that have been published in various magazines.


Cycling the Nith


Periodized Nutrition

Clean Plates


Wild Planet Blog

Vitamin D

The Best Fats

Good Housekeeping

Grass Fed Dairy


Best Sugary Foods

Supplements for Athletes

Hydration Drinks

Meal Prep Techniques

Coconut Oil


Breaking the sugar habit

Best Oils

Natural Fuel

Sports Drinks

Eat Better Everywhere

Burger Upgrade

Ice Cream Upgrade

Water Upgrade

Pasta Upgrade

Pancake Upgrade

Yogurt Upgrade

Salad Upgrade

Oatmeal Upgrade

Best Winter Foods

New Smoothie Ingredients

Recovery Foods


Best Savory Bars

Ancient Grains

Best Drinks



Coconut Oil

Diet and Arthritis

Lower your Blood Pressure

Tackle Your Cholesterol

Cameleon Cauliflower

Powerhouse Vegetables

Heart-Healthy Breakfast Ideas

New Foods

Mediterranean Diet

Nut Butters

Salad Dressing Formula

Noodle Bowls

Chicken Lunches

Perfect Pestos

The Box

To Dairy, or Not To Dairy

Primed for Performance

Eat. WOD. Eat

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Fall Superfoods

Men's Fitness

New Foods

Broiling Recipes

Frozen Food Recipes


Convenience Meals

Fat Burning Recipes

Eating Well Magazine

Cooking in Packets

Is raw milk healthier?

Eat Clean



Grow Microgreens


My Articles

Protein Salads

Post Workout Meals


New Grains


PB & J Sandwich Twists

Best Nut Butters

Better Waffles



Best Bars

Caffeine Fix

Women's Health Magazine
Hard Boiled Eggs



Black Foods


New Citrus

Food Cures

Healthy Bulbs

Turkey Sandwiches

Perk Up: Benefits of Coffee

Crazy for Chocolate

Meals on Tap

Got Kimchi?

Benefits of Spices

The Best Old-School Cooking Gear

Like this veggie? Try that one!

Power foods for any situation

Best foods for you body

Grilling tips

Best veggies

New Foods

Men's Health

Protein Packed Smoothies

Protein Salads

Meat Free Grilling

Post Workout Foods

Vegetarian Protein

Meatless Meals

Deviled Eggs

Microwave Meals

Homemade Jerky

Breakfast Rules

The Power of Raw Foods

Healthy Asian Recipes

Healthy Dips

Muscle Salads

Benefits of Frozen Produce

How to Pick the Best Produce

How to Cook Real Chinese

How to Cook Up Your Own Clambake

Cold Wealther Recipes

4 Fish You Should Cook

Runner's World Magazine

A list of my Runner's World articles 

Sports Drink Mixes

Food Trends

Post-Workout Meals

Best Packaged Foods

Grilled Cheese

Cold Soups

Mug Meals


Grain Salads

Make Ahead Breakfasts

Rotisserie Chicken Meals

Holiday Leftover Recipes


Toast Stacks

Yogurt Bowls


Rice Bowls



Fall Smoothies

Post Run Pasta Dishes

New Salads

Spring Clean Your Diet

Dessert Makeover

Power Couples

Dessert Pizza

Summer Burgers

No-Cook Recipes


Canned Fish

One Pot Meals

Grocery Store Survival Guide

New Pasta

Healthy Sandwiches

Rush Hour

Unsung Winter Vegetables

Natural Defense

Don't Cook Now

Dose of Reality

Plenty of Fish

Food Fight

Easy Upgrades to Meals

New Foods for Runners

Weight Loss Myths

Decoding Misleading Food Labels

Best Natural Sports Drinks

Edible Remedies

When to Splurge and When to Save on Food

Shape Magazine

Kitchen Hacks

Burrito Bowls

Better Burgers

Coconut Oil

Nut-free Recipes

Heirloom Vegetables

Best Oils

Eat Your Scraps

The Best Greens

Best Nut Butters

Best Hot Sauces

Best Food Combinations

Best Foods for Sleep

Best Foods for Better Sex

Mood Boosting Foods

Brain Boosting Foods

Organic Life

New Ways with Oatmeal

List of all articles

Eating Scraps


Chili Peppers

Vegetarian Grilling

Seafood Recipes

Grilling Recipes

How to jazz up oatmeal

New Breakfast Proteins

New Year Eating Habits

New Foods to Eat


New Poultry 

New Ways with Cottage Cheese

Healthy Cooking Methods

New Proteins for Smoothies

Best Breads

Best New Yogurts

Best Splurges at Supermarket

Hunger Fighting Foods

New Ways with Sweet Potato

No-cook Recipes


Oatmeal Upgrade



Best Hot Drinks

Quinoa Recipes

Why eat quinoa

Alternative Flours

Leucine and Muscle


Nut Butters

Ways to eat beets

Post Workout Protein 

Add protein to salads

Non-dairy calcium sources

Ways to eat your coffee

Ways to eat more winter squash

Why eat more flax

Exotic Meats

Rotisserie Chicken

Benefits of Flax

High Protein Seafood

Fall Foods

Plant Omega-3 Foods

High Protein Meats

Why you should eat more kefir

High Sugar Foods

Best Cheap Foods

Why you should eat more chia

Ways to Eat More Chia

Best Kitchen Tools

Mood Boosting Foods

Sneaky Sugar Sources

Transformation Foods

Folate and B12

Sleep Foods

B vitamins

New Foods

Low Sugar Fruits

Best Fat-Loss Foods

Organ Meats

Salty Foods

Superbowl Snacks

Essential Vitamins: A and D

Essential Vitamins: E and K

Essential Vitamins: Riboflavin and Niacin

Best High Fat Foods

Best Frozen Foods

Best Breakfast Proteins

Best Skin Foods

Best Cooking Oils

Best Low Calorie Foods

Best Summer Fruits

Best Seeds

Best Grill Foods

Milk Alternatives

Best Cuts of Steak

Vending Machine Snacks

High Fiber Foods

Testosterone Boosting Foods

Best Low Carb Foods

Best Snacks

Brain Boosting Foods

Diet Derailing Foods

Best Shake Ingredients

Best Sandwich Meats

Best Fall Foods

Best Rice

Best Cereals

Best Protein Foods

Worst Night Snacks

Alternative Dairy Foods

Best Canned Protein

Fat Fighting Fats

Food Labels

Best Snacks

Best Fish

Natural Sugar Alternatives

Flex Magazine

Save Big at the Grocery Store

DIY Condiments

Environmental Nutrition

Flower Power

Food Synergy

New Diet Habits


Nutrient Dense Eating


Muffin Tin Recipes


Brownie Makeover

Grocery Store Splurges and Saves

Eat Your Peels

Ways to get more Fiber

Men's Journal

New Foods to Cook

New Culinary Oils

Best Pre-Gym Breakfast

Best Pre-Workout Food Pairings


Before and After Meal Plan

No Cook Recipes

Eat Right for Your Sport

Healthy Snacks

Summer Shape Up Secrets

Power Soups

Dieting Mistakes


Intermittent Fasting

Stir Fry Recipes

Meal Timing

Cheap Health Food

Nut Butter Smackdown

The New Rules of Cheating

Rules to Eating to Get Lean

Best Snacks


Meal Planning 101

New Vegetables



Post Workout Snacks

Omega Fats

Hemp Happy

Best Oils

Sprouted Foods

Fitness Food on the Cheap

Greek Yogurt Snack

Mail Order Nutrition

New Bars

Liquid Assets

Gluten-Free Eating

Peach Milkshake

Sugar Shock

Is Butter Better?

Fit Food: Cocao

Fit Food: Chia

Fit Food: Turmeric

Fit Food: Black Soybeans

Fit Food: Apple Cider Vinegar

Breakfast Recipes

Olympic Snacks

Lemon Yogurt Cheesecake Bars

Maple Roasted Pears

Experience Life Magazine

Best Fish

Missing Nutrients

Milk Alternatives


Perfect Food Pairs

Is Microwaving Safe?

Family Fun Magazine

Summer No-Cook Recipes

Cupcakes for Dinner

Canadian Living

Detox Foods

Eat Your Scraps

Eat Like a Viking

Best Culinary Oils

Five Common Antioxidant Foods


The Fit Guy's Fridge


Winter Fruits

Yoga Journal

Best Culinary Oils

Energy Boosting Foods

Plant Power

Build a Better Smoothie

Immune Boosting Foods

Adventure Cycling Magazine

Traversing Cuba

Trail Runner

Food Upgrade

Flex Your Diet

Stealth Health Foods

Natural Fuel 

Sugar Shock

Best Drinks

Healthy or Not

Supplement Savvy

Better Meats

New Twists on Breakfast

Great Grains

Pilates Style

Beat Nighttime Eating


Shopping Guide

Portion Distortion

Flexitarian Eating

Triathlete Magazine

Kitchen Hacks

Missing Nutrients

Splurge or Save

Food Upgrades

Sandwich Makeover

Beet Benefits

Best Kitchen Gadgets

Best Breads

Best Winter Fruits

New Grains

Grocery Store Showdown

Sports Nutrition Buyers Guide

Guide to Meats

Protein Powders

Arthritis Today

Weird Wonderful Vegetables

Foods to Ease Pain

Healthy Oils

Exotic Fruit
Delicious Living Magazine

Surprising High Sodium Foods

Bison Recipes

Mighty Whole Grains

The Stay-Trim Family Diet

Recipe to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

Fantastic Frozen Produce Recipes

Eat to Beat Inflammation

Guide to Gluten-Free Living


Delectable Dried Fruit

Gluten-Free Flours

Decoding the Glycemic Index

New Ways to Cut Calories

Natural Foods Merchandiser

Sodium Shakedown

Women's Running Magazine

New Oils

Smoothie Bowls

Pizza Recipes

Ice Cream Recipes

Yogurt Breakfast Bowls

Egg Breakfast Bowls

Oatmeal Breakfast Bowls

Health Food Impostors 

Gluten-Free Diet

Salad Upgrades

Food Fight

No-cook Meals

Let's Do Lunch

Top Foods For Female Runners

New carbs to try

Eat Better For Less

The Best Natural Fuel For Runners

Eat Local, Eat Well

Best Sport Nutrition Products

Best Foods for Female Runners

Energy Bars Unwrapped

Milk Alternatives

Power Shakes

Muscle and Fitness Magazine

Stacked Sandwiches

Easy Meals 

Alternative Proteins

Microwave Meals

Eat on the Cheap

The Power of Raw Food

Stuff You Can Add to Shakes

Muscle up your meals

Hidden physique killers

Menace to Satiety: Bad Nutrition Advice

Clean Energy Foods

Why chicken is ultimate muscle food

Beef 101

Five Fat Fighters

Which fiber is the best

Most Underrated: Benefits of Vegetables

Any Given Sunday: How to eat well at a tailgate

Can Protein Recipes

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Great Greens

Ice Picks: Best Frozen Meals

Get Cracking: 10 Things to Know about Eggs

Snack Smart

Food Fallacy: Light Peanut Butter is Better

E Magazine

Lost in Labels

Snacks, Upgraded

Nice Spread: Best Nut Butters

Don't Doubt Sprouts

Natural Solutions Magazine

Elimination Diet

In Season: Fiddleheads

Alternative Flours

Phyto Power

In Season: Sunchokes

In Season: Acron Squash

In Season: Tomatillos

Fabulous Fungi

Power Couples

Pregnancy Newborn

Cut Sugar Intake


Kitchen Hacks

Food Pairs

Best Snacks

Energy Foods

Sleep Foods

Fall Smoothies

New Foods

Healthy Party Food

Fridge Swaps






Raw Foods

Chili Peppers

Frozen Produce

Culinary Oils

Greek Yogurt

Stone Fruits

Eat More for Less

Eat the Rainbow

Heart Healthy Fat

Root Vegetables

Healthy Carbs



Ayurveda Eating

Make Mine Orange


Sensational Smoothies

Cooking with Citrus Zest

Dried Fruit Recipes


Fish Recipes

Food Synergy

Today's Diet and Nutrition

Mediterranean Side Dishes

Nut Butters

Diverticular Disease Prevention

Oil Slick


Crazy for Coconut

Mardi Gras Recipes

Seeds of Change

Heart Healthy Eating

The Mediterranean Diet

The Southern European Atlantic Diet

Fabulous Flax

Best Health

New Foods

Frozen Food Recipes

Best Food Pairs

Food Variety

New Foods

Weight Loss Meal Plan

Food Pairs

Why you should cycle more

Foods to Fight Breast Cancer
+ Breast Cancer Fighting Recipes

Exotic Fruits

Superfood Pairs

Be an Eco-Friendly Cook

Heart Smart Grocery List

New Twists on 10 Great Foods

How To Save on Groceries

Best Food Pairs

Muscle and Fitness Hers

Nutrition Idol

Food Myths Busted

Made for Each Other: Perfect Food Pairs 

Got Hemp?

Get in the Game: Benefits of Game Meats

21 Mix 'n Match Meals for Fat Loss

Vegetarian Times

Is Microwaving Bad For You?

Fruit and Sugar Myth 

Anjou Pears


Halloween Treats

Eat to Beat Inflammation

Feel Good Smoothies

Stealth Health Foods

Detox Greens

Healing Foods: Apple Cider Vinegar

Healing Foods: Watermelon

Healing Foods: Chia

Healing Foods: Peppermint

Healing Foods: Tart Cherries

Healing Foods: Honey

Healing Foods: Hemp

Healing Foods: Cayenne

Fit Pregnancy

Healthy Barbecue

Better Pizza

No-Cook Recipes

Enriched Foods

Amazing Grains

Unearthed: Best Root Veggies

Sneaking in more produce


Muffin Tin Meals

World Stir Fry's


Food Pairs

Power Salads

Leafy Greens

Make Your Own

Immune Foods

New Vegan Foods

Meals for One

Seaweed Recipes

Back to School Recipes

Fruit Salads

Portable Energy Recipes

Camping Recipes

Earth Day Green Recipes


Global Sandwiches

Homemade Stocks

Fish Recipes




The Amazing Avocado

Ancient Grains

Weird Food Pairings

Vegetable Breakfast

Black and White Halloween Dishes



Back to School Lunches


Salad Sandwiches

Wild Salmon


Healthy Lunches

Edible Gifts



Rice Bowl

Turkey Recipes



Salad Makeover

5 Flavours 



One Skillet

Teff Love


Noodle Bowls

A World of Pizza

Sweets for your sweetheart

Winter Greens


Winter Squash

Chicken Makeover



Veggie Burgers

Stone Fruits

Eat the Rainbow

Taco Party

Cooking with Mustard

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Green Legumes

Catch of the Day

Thai Food



Dip Recipes


Rice is Nice

Popcorn Recipes

The Big Chill

Honey Recipes


Cooking with Beer

Say Yes to Chocolate

Healthy Whole Grain Cereals

Frozen Fruit and Vegetable Recipes

Cast Iron Cooking

Healthy Chinese Food

Cranberries and Carrots

Get Fired Up - Camping Cuisine

Transforming the Humble Sandwich

Sweet and Savory Crepes

Hooray for Hemp

Cooking in Packets

A is for Antioxidant

Maple Syrup

Dried Fruit

One-Pot Wonders

Immune Boosting Foods

Load up on Lentils

Notable Noodles

No Cook Recipes 

Cancer Busting Foods

Flour Power

Salts of the Earth

Know your Phytochemicals 

Get Hooked on the Best Seafood

Healthy Frozen Dinners

Burger Time

Steak Night In

Digesting Food Labels

Brave New Produce

Healthy Frozen Meals

Coffee Labels

Choosing Eco-Friendly Chocolate

Benefits of Breakfast

Benefits of Eggs

Game Meats

Black Foods

Canadian Running Magazine

Top 10 Foods

Eating on the Road



New Carbs

Eat Before a Run


Holiday Party Eating

New Foods


Best Leafy Greens

Winter Veggies

Stealth Health Foods

Diets Deconstructed

Dash and Dine: Eating Well at a Local Diner

Eat Better For Less

The Replacements: Healthy Alternatives to Staple Training Foods

Natural Health Magazine

Soup Rx

Crunch Bunch: Benefits of Sprouts

Lost in Spice

Tea Time

Fresh Cup Magazine

Fair Trade in Nicaragua

Doi Chaang Fair Trade Coffee

Spotlight: Planet Bean Coffeehouse

Better Nutrition

It's Easy Being Green: Benefits of Green Foods

Hemp Does a Body Good

Trading Fairly

Recharge Your Body: Best Post-Workout Meals

Verge Magazine

Joe Tourist: Fair Trade Coffee in Nicaragua

Women's Adventure Magazine

Roots We Dig

Culture Club

Brave New Butters


Face the Fats

Sugar Shock

10 Commandments of Bodybuilding Nutrition

Organic Food Splurge

Meat Free Proteins

Best Grains

Best Breads

Best Frozen Foods

Best Cereals

Cheap Meats

Exotic Meats

Best Fruits

Best Snacks

Foods to Help You Grow

Hangover Shake

Canned Proteins


Midnight Mass

Now Food, New Muscle

Diet Fouls

The Stepford Sugars


Beyond Fitness

The Ultimate Breakfast

Competitor Running

The Truth About Protein

Great Catch

Great Grains

Gluten Free and More


Spring Soups






Winter Squash



New Poultry Recipes

Root Vegetables


New Cereals

Sweet Benefits

Full of Beans

Tea Benefits

Bottoms Up: Gluten Free Beer

Cooking Techniques

Rice is Nice

Culinary Oils

Muscle and Performance

Fat Loss Rules

Missing Nutrients

Ways to Eat Lean

Eat better at Restaurants 

The New Science of Calories

Make Ahead Meals

Intermittent Fasting

Fat Loss Myths

Holiday Eating Tips

Hunger Fighting Foods

Diet Bloopers

Protein Spreading

Kitchen Tools

Meal Planning

Sugar Shock

Testosterone Foods

Food Pairs



Thrill of the Grill

Intermittent Fasting

Fit Fuel

Supplement Food Pairs

Food Pairs


Stealth Health Food

The New Rules of Lean Eating

Diet Myths Debunked

Supermarket Upgrade

Breakfast Rules

Face the Fats

Foods with Benefits

Mass Gaining Rules

The Replacmenets

New Foods

Foods with Benefits

Snack Attack

Top Fitness Foods

Cheat Foods

Caffeine Perks

Maximize Your Energy


Green Tea Benefits

Protein in a Pot

The 10 Carb Commandments

Food Supplement Combos

Energy Supplements

Canadian Cycling Magazine


Cycling Austin

Meal Upgrades

Kitchen Gadgets

Best Snacks

Health Food Impostor

Hype or Hero

Protein Powders

Off-Season Eating

Off-Season Eating Part 2

Health Food Impostors

Beat Winter Weight Gain

Smoothie Ingredients

New Grains

Touring Nova Scotia 

Mountain Biking Portugal

Fitness Magazine
Yes, You Do Have Time For Breakfast

Asia Pacific Post

Doi Chaang Coffee 

Go Nomad

Coffee in Thailand