About the Mania

It all started with a writing assignment to come up with a batch of recipes using the iconic muffin tin. But with one catch. None of the recipes could be muffins. With relief, I quickly learned you can make all sorts of appetizers, mains and desserts using this ultra-versatile cooking tool. That is as long as you don’t have a fear of a little recipe experimentation. The article turned out great and a new admiration for the muffin tin was cemented.

If the only thing you’ve pulled out your muffin tin for lately is to make a batch of the eponymous baked good, boy are you missing out. Don't let the name fool you, they’re good for much, much more than making muffins. The goal of Muffin Tin Mania is to show readers that all sorts of ingredients can be prepared in muffin cups with surprisingly delicious results. Portion controlled fruit pies? No problem. Baby quiches? You betcha. Thai fish cakes? Got it covered. And when possible, I will always do my best to up the health ante of a muffin tin dish. After all, I want to fill you up without filling you out. And yes, there will also be plenty of muffin recipes adorning the pages of this blog.

Q and A with the man behind the mania – Matthew Kadey

Q: What is Matt’s profession?

A: Registered dietitian, freelance magazine nutrition writer and recipe developer

Q: Where does Matt call home?

A: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Q: Apart from cooking, what are Matt’s other interests?

A: Mountain biking, traveling and photography (www.mattkadey.ca).

That's Matt in Thailand

Q: What is Matt’s favorite food?

A: Freshly picked raspberries

Q: What is Matt’s favorite comfort food?

A: Pasta with meat sauce or a bowl of cereal. Neither of which he has tried in a muffin tin, yet!

Q: Who is Matt’s food guinea pig?

A: His foodie partner Tabi Ferguson who has a very willing palate.

Q: Does Matt feel his manhood is taken down a notch by writing a blog about cooking with a muffin tin?

A: No more than signing out Martha Stewart Living from the library.