Friday, July 15, 2011

Against The Grain

I have a feature article on gluten-free living in the August issue of Men's Journal. It's a hot topic or what?
They asked that I provide some gluten-free recipes for an online bonus. Here is a link to them: Gluten-free Recipes.

I'm loving the black rice these days. This black rice salad is a wonderful summer dish.


  1. just discovered your site and I must say you absolutely rock! Due to health issues, I'm to refrain from certain foods (dairy, gluten, etc) and I'm just learning to be a raw foodie to get well (not easy), but my kids will love many of the recipes you post and I do appreciate the gluten free ones you've created thus far. Hope you get inspired to create more gluten free vegan muffins in the future. Regardless, you make cooking for and with my kids fun and timeless!

  2. Thank you for the kind words Katherine.


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