Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fabulous Flax

Though all the hoopla surrounding flax has largely fizzled in the past couple years, it remains an extremely healthy addition to any diet. This article I wrote on the salubrious seed for Today's Diet and Nutrition magazine explains the health perks of flax and gives you a nice selection of recipes to make good use of it in the kitchen.

Hazelnut Flax Pancakes with Braised Apples

Flax Granola Bars

Black Bean Flax Burgers with Flax Cilantro Pesto


  1. Wow! Beautiful pictures. Black bean burger recipe please.

  2. You'll find the recipes in the article link above.

  3. The link doesn't work anymore. Would you mind please updating the link or adding the recipes here? Those pancakes look amazing. Thank you :)

  4. The first link seems to be working for me. You can try:http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/547f4a66#/547f4a66/18
    or go to http://www.tdn-digital.com/ and search in the April 2011 issue for the flax article.


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